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DeSoto County Economic Development Office


Multi-modal logistical assets open  easy access to domestic and global markets.

DeSoto County offers swift movement, inbound or outbound, and fast arrival at domestic and global destinations, thanks to Florida’s first-class infrastructure, our own extensive multi-modal connections, and our strategic location outside urban congestion zones.

High-Powered Highway Network:

Uncongested 360˚ highway access to all parts of the state on I-75, I-4 and on the expanded US 17 Corridor. Florida’s investment in our region’s roads puts your business in the lead.

Global Air Connections: Tampa International Airport - 91 miles

Orlando International Airport - 113 miles

Southwest Florida International Airport, Ft. Myers - 61 miles

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport - 49 miles


Dual Rail Accessibility: CSX and Seminole Gulf Railway connect to Florida’s state-wide rail network, stretching from Jacksonville to Tampa, Palm Beach to Pensacola.

One-Stop Global and Domestic Shipping through the “Wharf of America,” Florida’s Peninsula-wide Port System: Fast access to 14 Florida ports, including proximity to two ports dredged and prepared for post- Panamax vessels: Port of Manatee - 58 miles

Port of Miami - 176 miles


Logistical Support: As Florida readies to compete aggressively for Southeast Asia import/exports, DeSoto puts your company in prime position to benefit.


A Broad range of advantages in labor, training, infrastructure and more.

DeSoto’s labor pool: Deep, strong and skilled.


More than 400,000 available workers in immediate region.

Customized, No-Cost Training—Anytime, anywhere, your DeSoto workforce is ready to perform, not just to spec, but beyond your expectations, thanks to top training programs, including:


Quick Response Training (QRT): Start-ups start faster with world-class training administered through Workforce Florida.

Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT): State-of-the-art skills upgrade program keeps your company competitive year after year.


DeSoto water: Big capacity for a bright future— a reservoir of 6 billion gallons.

DeSoto energy: Abundant, low-cost and green, in the home of the nation’s largest solar plant.

Florida’s talent pipeline: One of the best in the nation.


Florida ranks in the top eight in four of the six metrics determining the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s “Top Performers in the Talent Pipeline,” including:

#1 in higher education efficiency and share of high school seniors taking advanced placement exams

#4 in efficiency of the workforce placement system

#8 in college affordability


Taste success in our sweet spot:

A location convenient to all points of Florida’s high-volume, high-dollar consumer market, a fast-growing market hungry for quality and with the highest per capita personal income in the Southeast.

Fast, multi-modal access to major global and domestic markets: Highway, rail, air and port through the “Wharf of America,” including proximity to ports prepared for post-Panamax vessels.

Rich in resources: Ample land, water and low-cost electricity.

Highly resourceful: Technical support and expertise from Florida Polytechnic University Food Lab and the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

A labor force that’s cream of the crop: A workforce with the skills, size and strength you need.

Prime acres for processing: Over 4,000 acres of industrial land available.

Already a thriving location for processing operations: $42 million annually in frozen food manufacturing.


When Wal-Mart needed a South Florida distribution center, the company chose the location that put the goods on go: DeSoto County.


In a fast-paced global marketplace an efficient supply chain is critical. And that’s why Wal-Mart chose DeSoto County for the company’s one million square foot distribution center.

Whether it’s a distribution center or warehouse or a site for light assembly/warehousing, DeSoto offers a powerful combination of assets in location, transportation and workforce that add not just speed but real value to your supply chain. DeSoto puts you on the move with:

A strategic location in the booming consumer market of Florida, one of the nation’s most populous states and still growing, with the highest per capita personal income in the Southeast.


Fast, multi-modal access to global and domestic markets, including Southeast Asia markets: Highway, rail, air and port shipping through the “Wharf of America,” Florida’s peninsula-wide port system, with close proximity to two ports dredged and prepped for post-Panamax vessels. With excellent access to the Interstate system, there are no stop lights between DeSoto and the Canadian border.


A labor force with brains and brawn: A high-powered workforce at an exceptionally competitive price.

Prime sites for speed: Over 4,000 acres of industrial land available


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