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Rural Economic Development Catalyst Project

The Catalyst Project is designed to gather economic intelligence and perspectives for Florida’s 3 Rural Areas of Critical Economic Concern (RACECs). Locally, FHREDI’s regional boundaries are the same as the 6-county region called the South Central RACEC’s (shown in red on below map). The purpose of the Catalyst Project is to target industries of the future, find regional catalytic sites, improve the sites to meet industry or target company needs, and go-to-market with the site as a credible economic asset

Definitions specific to this RACEC Catalyst Project are:

  • Shovel Ready / Certified Site
  • Infrastructure Ready
  • Readily Developable
  • Developable with Certain Conditions

The site search revealed many potential areas across the 6-County region. After careful evaluation based on many criteria mentioned below (not all inclusive), a site at the Sebring Regional Airport was selected.

  • Reasonable timely commute from major population centers;
  • Accessibility to major highway(s);
  • Accessibility to existing rail service or capability of building rail sidings/spur;
  • Qualified work-force;
  • Access to sewer and water;
  • Ability to maximize opportunities and provide Broadband solutions;
  •  Expandable in stages;
  •  Viable site for a “to-be-determined” company or clustering of companies in a specified targeted industry;
  •  The prioritized sites selected should ultimately attract “higher value-added” companies.

The 100-acre Catalyst site at Sebring Regional Airport continues to be in process with the necessary infrastructure installations, with a future completion goal of December, 2011. At that time the site will be “shovel ready” (ready to build on).

For recent information regarding the Sebring Regional Airport Catalyst Site, please visit Sebring Regional Airport and also download the latest Director's Reports.

For further information regarding the State’s Catalyst Project, please visit Enterprise Florida.