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Agriculture & Agribusiness

The business of agriculture is big in Florida and particularly in South Central Florida where land is abundant and competitively priced. Well known for its rich and fertile soil, and decades of farming, the Heartland region is a natural fit for agricultural based businesses.  As an agricultural mecca, the region is home to a number of farms, including many commercial farms.

  • In 2010, Florida had 47,500 commercial farms, using a total of 9.25 million acres.
  • The number of farms in Florida has increased by 3,500 over the past 10 years.
  • Florida ranked first in the United States in the value of production of oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, sugarcane for sugar and seed, squash, watermelons, sweet corn, fresh-market snap beans, fresh-market tomatoes, and fresh-market cucumbers.
  • Florida ranked second in the United States in the value of production of strawberries, bell peppers, and cucumbers for pickles.
  • Florida ranked fourth in the value of production of honey.

Florida's Heartland was responsible for approximately 21% of Florida's total agricultural products sold in 2007.

 4Hendry$567 million
 6Highlands$326 million
 10Hardee$232 million
 11DeSoto$220 million
 14Okeechobee$178 million
 26 Glades $85 million

Source - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services